Epistle #3: Responsibility

Epistle #3: Responsibility

Dear Dindin,

You know very well by now that during the day, you can take out all your toys and that is okay. But at night, we have a routine called pack away, where we put back all your things in their proper containers (i.e. shoes, hats, and wigs in drawers, toys in their proper boxes, etc.)

Last night, we were the only ones in our room because your Papa went out to dinner with his high school friends whom he had not seen for a long time. You kept on playing with your toys while Mama kept on working on the computer. Then you called out while pointing at me, “Mama, stand up and take off your shades.” You actually meant that I take off my glasses because you already noticed that Mama only wears glasses while working on the computer and I take them off when I stand up. Then I asked you “Why?” but never really stood up. After several minutes, I glanced at where you are and realized what you were doing–you had already packed away most of your toys. Whereas our floor was almost covered with all your toys awhile ago, now you have packed away about 3/4 of your toys! The reason why you called out to me, as I later learned, was that you were asking for my help but I did not understand immediately.

Without being told, you packed away your things and I am very proud at how responsible you are. Keep it up, my child. Thank you so much for being such a great helper to Mama.

By the way, Mama went out yesterday afternoon and when I came back we had the following conversation:
Mama: Dindin do you still have colds? Are you still sick?
You: Yeah.
Mama: Were you a good girl while Mama was away?
You: Yeah.
Mama: What did you do?
You: Yeah.

You almost convinced me there! LOL You gave Mama and Papa a good laugh.

We love you so much, Dindin!


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  1. Pepay


    Very good na gid si dindin.. Ka obedient na gid.. 🙂

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