Epistle #2: The Itch and Sleep Thing

Epistle #2: The Itch and Sleep Thing

Note: I have revised this meme to a letter-writing endeavor for us mommies. It would be nice to write letters to our kiddos and have them read our compilation later on. ๐Ÿ˜€ So if you want to join me, do grab my badge and start writing. This is only a once a week thing, open from Monday-Friday.

Dear Dindin,

For the longest time that I can remember, every time your Papa and I lulled you to sleep but you still are not sleepy, you would toss and turn on the bed. Then it seems that during this time, all the insects in the world have bitten you because you would say, “Itchy. Itchy, Mama. Put medicine, put itchy medicine.” Then your Papa and I would apply anti-itch on the area that you indicated.

Sometimes there is indeed a bump, but most of the time there aren’t any. And today, while Papa was trying to get you to take a nap and the itchy sequence began, I blurted “Just like me, whenever I am put in a situation where I am forced to sleep when I am not sleepy, I feel itchy all over.” Your Papa laughed because he said, “May pinagmahan.” I asked him if this does not happen to him and he said, “No, I just read when I am not yet sleepy.”

Jeepers, even these crazy antics are hereditary? haha Your facial features may not have taken after me but you sure have taken a lot from my mannerisms. This is amusing, but when Mama is tired and cranky, it is always your Papa who puts you to sleep. Here is a picture of you and your Papa while you were both sleeping a couple of nights ago.

dindin sleeping with papaBy the way, since yesterday, you started on a new style–instead of saying yes or no to questions, you answer by either nodding or shaking your head. You actually look cute, but I am not sure if this is amusing if Mama is busy and I am asking you about something. hehe Well, for now, Mama will just enjoy it because you are cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, till next letter…


2 thoughts on “Epistle #2: The Itch and Sleep Thing

  1. EJsmom

    oh, as u know, everything in my blog is letter to my kids so all of those fit perfectly…

  2. The Pepperrific Life

    hehe…I too sometimes feel itchy all over when I force myself to sleep.
    Yup, I’ll join this meme…I know I’m going to cry while making that letter to my kid ๐Ÿ™‚

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