Enjoying her Gifts

Enjoying her Gifts

Dindin has fully understood when things are given to her as gifts. The other day, we went to my parents’ house in Tangub because my brother’s balikbayan box arrived. A lot of the goodies there were for Dindin–from Tita Pepay, Lolo Armand and family, Lola Babie, and mostly from her Uncle Iman. She got two sets of clothes and a pair gel sandals so that means she changed costumes twice that night! She was uber excited with all the gifts! Last week, she also had new clothes from her A-ma and 2-chim from China but I will have to write about it next time coz I have not taken photos yet and the clothes are in the laundry already.

Below Dindin is trying her gel shoes, the hat, and the overalls by Baby Gap.

fitting clothesHere is Dindin admiring her new stuff. haha She seems to be enjoying them just by looking at them. She was soooo excited with everything!

balikbayan box itemsThank you everyone for making our little princess happy! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generous gifts! God bless you with more! ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S. By the way, here she is dancing to the music made by Puppy. Yeah, the dog’s name now is Puppy. I asked her what the name of her dog was. Dindin thought hard and answered me, “Puppy.” And so Puppy it is. When Puppy applauded her singing, Dindin picked up Puppy and said, “Puppy…is my friends …(with s).” hihihi

8 thoughts on “Enjoying her Gifts

  1. pepay

    nang..indi ko makita ang picture na fitting clothes… actually wala ko pa nakita ang gn pa buy ko na gift…haha.. ang original ko na gn pa buy kay nong iman was a watch tani sa disney or sa fossil na pang kids…pero wala ..so bayo na lng gin buy nya…tapos gn box nya na…te la ko nakita…hehe…

  2. pepay

    kita ko na ang picture…hehe… cutie… ๐Ÿ˜€ saja kay din2…lain2 iya action on different songs…haha..

  3. Ate Keanna

    Wow! Dami gifts and i love those hats i see. By the way, I have a stuffed dog din that I named “Puppy”, what a coincidence! =) Thanks for joining the fun!

  4. Shydub

    awww she is so cute may pa isa isa pa ng kamay kung sumayaw hehehe. buti pa baby mo she can stay longer staring at her stuff, itong mga anak ko hindi hehehe. visiting from messy go round

  5. jannet

    she really looksvery excited..
    Please see my entry for Messy Go Round! thanks!

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