Enjoying a Bubble Bath in the Bath Tub

Enjoying a Bubble Bath in the Bath Tub

We do not have a bath tub in the house and we don’t have that inflatable pool in our house either. She does have a big pool but we left it at my parents’ house so that we could use it for swimming whenever we spend the weekend there.

So when we got to spend our weekend at O Hotel where our suite had a bath tub, we did not miss having Dindin play with bubbles in the bath. We tried to find a bubble bath solution at Robinsons but could not find any. Instead, our solution was with the sachets of complimentary shampoo that came with our room. We emptied three sachets of shampoo in the tub and sprayed it with water and so we had this bath of bubbles for Dindin! The photo on the left was taken during our first day and the second one was on our third day. She thoroughly enjoyed her time. But after several minutes of “swimming” among the bubbles, she would say, “All done” and we will get up and get dressed.
PhotobucketBelow was her pic after one of her bubbles baths. I propped her on the bed surrounded by our white pillows. hihi I just thought this was a cute shot. I left her there while Mama took a bath.

14 thoughts on “Enjoying a Bubble Bath in the Bath Tub

  1. shydub

    She sure did enjoy the luxurious amenities in the hotel. Bait naman ng baby mo mommy, so behave maligo. mga dragon ko parang mga duckie kung maka ligo sa bathtub.

  2. EJsmom

    for how long or how short did she remain in those pillows? Haha… When I that to the kids I tell them we’re making their house & they can’t go out until I come back to unlock the doors πŸ˜€

  3. raya

    wow! so happy to see dindin having a blast! that was one very nice family time too! blessings talaga sis no? thanks for joining!

    p.s. hope you get better soon!

  4. admin Post author

    @shydub, oo ganyan sya, she will just sit down and study the water or the waves or the bubbles. haha

    @ejsmom”: she stayed there for a long time, i think until her her video was finished. hehe she musta found it a different feeling to do that.

    @raya: yeah it sure was a blessing. πŸ˜€

  5. chiewilks

    Aw, super cute naman ng baby girl nyo po. She sure had a lot of fun playing with the bubbles. Natuwa ako sa “all done” niya.

    My first entry for WW is up too

  6. January

    enjoy na enjoy si baby..

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  7. chubskulit

    So pretty!

    Here’s my Wednesday Whites.

    Also wants to invite/remind you to join Nostalgia today. Hope you can join the fun!

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