Encouraging a Child to Go Into Music

Encouraging a Child to Go Into Music

Papa Dennis sings. And also the rest of Dindin’s uncles and aunt. My mother and father sings, too. And my younger brother is both a singer and a musician. They are all into music except me. hehe

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So I guess it is not surprising that Dindin is quite into music. It must run in her genes.

But I just remembered that when she was still in my tummy, I used to listen to classics, like those symphonies by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi. And I specifically remember that Dindin responded when I played Vivaldi.

I did this not really so that Dindin will be musically inclined but because they said that these classic symphonies are great mind stimulators that will produce smart kids. But I guess there is a nice side effect to it.

And now, Dindin is showing signs of being able to sing, compose simple songs, and play musical instruments. I sure am praying that we will be able to afford music lessons and those equipment like allen & heath mixers for sale when the time comes. We also bought her a karaoke gadget so that she can sing using a microphone.

For now, we are just encouraging her to get into music by playing songs or musical shows as well as buying toy musical instruments for her, like the recent toy guitar that we got in Cebu. Read: Picking Her First Guitar.

2 thoughts on “Encouraging a Child to Go Into Music

  1. Pepay

    What happened to you ya nang? Hehehe.. Basi late bloomer ka sa music nang..haha… La ko pa nakita pic sg guitar ni dindin… She has a cute speaking voice, for sure she will sing lovely..

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      ambot a. siguro pag pang hatag ni God nag lapaw sakon. weeee

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