Effective Parenting Seminar

Effective Parenting Seminar

Dennis and I attended a parenting seminar called “Effective Parenting in a Defective World” sponsored by WorldTeach and held at Ikthus here in Bacolod City.

We are very thankful that we could leave Dindin to the care of my parents for the whole day so that my husband and I could attend together. We were so blessed by the message and the guidance as to how to raise a godly child in the midst of an almost godless world. We appreciate moments of instruction like these because like many Christian parents, we also want to raise godly children. The title of the workbook even says, “How to Raise Kids who Stand Out from the Crowd.” I like that idea. But I like it because I know that when Dindin stands out from the crowd, it is because the light of Jesus is shining through her. It is really my prayer that Dindin will become a godly woman–a woman after God’s own heart.

But I am not a perfect parent and nor will I ever be. I just want to be better than I was yesterday, or last week, or when she was born. Dindin is our first child, and as the speaker Ptr. Don Medina says, “The eldest is usually the experiment.”

There is some truth to that. Our style of parenting on Dindin is pretty much experimental and Dennis and I are continually learning. And it is also our hope and desire that whatever works for Dindin, we can also share to other parents as well.

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