Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Whenever we choose Dindin’s toys, we choose something that has some educational value. It may not necessarily teach her Math, Science or English, but at least it has to enhance some skill in her.

These toys do not really have to be expensive. We would often scout around the toy stores like Toys R Us at Robinsons or Toy Kingdom at SM in order to look at the stuff on sale. Sometimes, we would get really nice educational toys at only P50. Others are offered at half the price, like if they are originally at P800, then we would get it at P400. The most expensive that we bought her is probably P500–a driving toy. The average would be P120. The rest of her toys are just given to her during Christmas and on her birthday.

Other things that we plan to buy in the future are scopes–both the telescope and the microscope. We would like to encourage learning and these tools would widen her horizon. Of course, these items will not come in the very near future, but maybe in three years, when Dindin would really understand how to use them. For now, we will just play with whatever we have–which is already quite a lot.

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