Easter Costume Parade at SM City Bacolod

Easter Costume Parade at SM City Bacolod

Easter basket and bunny ears

An Easter basket and bunny ears from SM City Bacolod

We were invited to join the Easter activity at SM City Bacolod by my blogger-kumare, May, who is now their new PR Manager. We were told that for a minimum purchase of P500 at the mall in the past week, we were already allowed to register.

We did not really know what was in store but thankfully, we purchased a Wow Karaoke Gadget last Sunday so we were qualified. When we went to the admin office to register, we were already given an Easter basket and a pink bunny ears headband. Then May encouraged us to join in the costume parade. I told her that Dindin did not really have a costume save for the tutudress that she wore on her third birthday. May said it was fine and to make the story short, we came the next day.

Easter costume parade

An Easter costume parade around the mall with Manang Lianne and Beauty.

When we got to the SM Event Centre, I also had in tow two young girls–the nieces of our helper. They were standing behind me when the nice lady facilitated our registration. She asked about the two girls but I told her that we only had one receipt. She asked how much our purchase was and when I told her it was P6,500, she readily accommodated the two other girls so that they can join. That was great management call for Customer Relations and we truly appreciate it. That’s going the extra mile. Too bad I was not able to get her name.

Anyway, we thought that Dindin was candidate number 7 because of the pre-registration. It turned out that the first 6 did not join and so Dindin was the first contestant. When she got on the stage, she hopped about happily because I told her she was the “Fairy Bunny.” Of course, we just made that up. But she refused to go down the catwalk because she was whisked away by the production people. She got shy. When her Papa took her down, that was when she walked.


Walking on the catwalk while eating ice cream


Second look of the judges. Dindin was still eating ice cream.

We were already very happy that she did walk so I already bought her ice cream as promised. What I didn’t know was that, they have to parade in front of the judges again. So Dindin went again, this time, while eating ice cream. But at least she walked and we were already happy and we praised her for a good job.

While the rest of the contestants paraded, I already got to talking to my mommy-friend Daphne whose daughter also joined in another category. We also had another friend over, Millie, who watched the event with us. I thought that the program was over. Then in the midst of our discourse, I heard Dindin’s name being called so I asked what that was about. She was chosen in the Top 5! Weeeeee Really? So I went nearer the stage to take her photo.

bunny hop

Dindin looked like she was really happy to win. But actually, she was hopping like the Fairy Bunny that is is supposed to be. teehee

And so there were runners-up. Her name was called second to the last! Weeeee Dindin was first runner up or first consolation prize! Isn’t that great?

I never expected Dindin to walk because she is still young and to even win anything. You see, the other contestants were well prepared that we really gawked at their intricate and colorful costumes. They were a sight to see. So we thought that our joining was just for fun. And we were already happy that we had a loot basket filled with Easter eggs. LOL So winning first runner-up was just memorable.

Dindin won a gift certificate worth P100 from WOF. It was not much but she appreciated it because that was her prize. She did not even know what was that for but until we went home, she kept on looking at it and said that it was her prize. I just sure wish that they had more prizes for the runners-up because the other contestants really poured in a lot of effort and money into their costumes and looks (well at least the parents did). On our part, that’s fine because we only used her birthday dress. But of course, we would appreciate a token or something. LOL

WOF gift certificate

Dindin won gift certificates worth P100 from World of Fun. Maybe this is about time that we visit that place.

Anyway, that was a fun experience for all of us. And I hope that Dindin learned that if she behaved and did something like that, she could get rewarded. Will we do this again next Easter? Maybe. teehee Thanks SM City Bacolod! And thanks, May, for encouraging us. We had a grand time!

17 thoughts on “Easter Costume Parade at SM City Bacolod

  1. pynky

    Fun surprises both for u mommy & Dindin… so love the pic where she was hopping…good shot ! hehhe

    1. mama Post author

      hahaha yeah. we had so much fun! sana you joined din. btw, see you tomorrow at Yanna’s party!

  2. wrinkle injections

    Sounds cute, but Easter’s not a time to wear costumes unless it’s for a play or something. I think spiffy church clothes seem more in order – unless there’s some type of occasion to wear a costume.

  3. Kayce

    Dindin looks so cute in her fairy bunny costume! Congrats Dindin and congrats Mommy! I’m sure that was an awesome event that will forever be treasured πŸ™‚

  4. Shengkay

    congrats!!!!!! ahay ah…attend man kami na tani..lagaw lagaw lang ya..may receipt pa ko gintagotago pag buy ko milk ni Iris..galing kay ato kami ya sa Cauayan..next Easter kita kits mommy..at least 2years old na si Iris na.. subong ya dawkasuper baby pa gid sya..sayang sang loot!!!!! hahahaha.. tani nagparegister lang kmi..hehehe..galing kay April 5 ya la na kmi bacolod. April 8 evening na kmi abot bacolod.
    Cute dindin!

  5. jared's mum

    looks like Little Dindin had a great Easter Sunday celebration. I love the green tutu! We were not able to go out that day as the little man is a bit down with a slight cough + cold. Hopefully we might be able to participate in one of these next year. I am just not sure if I can get Jared to wear a costume, though. πŸ™‚

    1. mama Post author

      Yeah indeed. hopefully next year we will have more Easter stories to tell πŸ˜€

  6. WAHMaholic

    awww… good job dindin! you’re a very pretty fairy bunny! partida pa yun modelling while eating ice cream. hihi!

  7. wrinkle injections

    I have entered a dog easter parade where prizes will be awarded for the most unique dog costumes. I have 2 cocker spaniels (male and female) and a femal basset hound. I need something more original than “bunny ears”. Anyone have any ideas?

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