Earning For What You Want

Earning For What You Want

scented Strawberry Shortcake set

With her new Strawberry Shortcake toy set.

One of the lessons that we want to teach Dindin is to work for what you want. Not everything that one has is given for free and we would like to let her know that, other than just giving everything to her.

So we did let her do odd jobs, especially in helping with our little e-business, so that she gets a taste of working and earning.

And finally tonight, she has earned enough to buy the toy that she wanted–a Strawberry Shortcake toy set where you can change the outfits of the little dolls. She loved it so much. But I told her that she cannot open it tonight because it is already late and she has to sleep. She can only open it tomorrow when we visit her grandma’s house in the afternoon. And she agreed. Waaaa such high EQ! Despite liking the toy so much, she agreed to wait. She has waited long enough to save up for it and she is still willing to wait some more before she can open it. I think she has a much higher EQ than me. :-p

9 thoughts on “Earning For What You Want

  1. Pepper Tan

    My daughter has the same Strawberry Shortcake set too :). Dindin is really growing up so fast- and beautifully too, if I may add :). Beautiful inside and out…

  2. Tetcha Figuerres

    You certainly taught your daughter a good lesson. How old is she? My husband and I are also planning to do the same thing with our son who’s only 6 years old so he learns the value of money and hard work.

  3. Mauie

    Dindin’s smile always makes my day! I always wait for her photos in my FB newsfeed especially when she models your products. Such a sweet child! Good job, Mama! Syempre high EQ ka rin coz you were able to teach good values to Dindin.

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