Early Mother’s Day Surprise

Early Mother’s Day Surprise

Last Easter, I went to the mall get my Secret Mommy a Mother’s Day card. I wrote a personalized note and embellished it and asked my hubby to mail it for me the next day.

This is because I joined the Pinay Mommies Community Mother’s Day Surprise. It is kind of like an exchange cards for mothers all over the world who are members of this community.

Well, yesterday I got two surprises from the mail, one from my secret Mommy monita and one from my Surprise Mommy!

First I got this really nice Mother’s Day Postcard from Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Blogger, and the card has this Mother’s Day Poem,

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky
Hundreds of shells on the shore together
Hundreds of birds that go singing by
Hundreds of bees in the sunny weather

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn
Hundreds of lamps in the purple clover
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn
But only one mother the wide world over.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And the postcard was autographed! Mommy Rubz is already a celebrity in her own right, who knows? Her signature will be worth millions later on. 😀 I am really touched. Thanks mommy!mother's day postcardThen in the afternoon, hubby came in with another LBC envelope. I got excited again. This is my second LBC envelope this week, following the Drypers WeeWeeDry Sample. I wondered from who it was because again, I was not expecting anything. Then I saw the name of Mommy Rossel of Moms Ups and Downs on the envelope then I immediately thought that she must be my Secret Mommy!

Why the big envelope? That is because she not only sent me a card but also a woven bag! I love it that it’s big and it is green in color! I like the shade! I wanted a new bag but well, budget is tight and the priority is Dindin’s health, so a new bag and clothes are considered luxuries. But God knows our needs and even our wants, indeed! Thank you, Mommy Rossel for being a channel of blessing.

woven native bagI am also touched with this personalized greeting card. Mommy Rossel took the effort of copying a  family picture from my FB account and using it on the card. Dindin was happy seeing herself there. haha

mother's day giftsHere is what the card said,

This world has jewels, money, land, position, power, and mansions grand
But a Mother’s love more precious far than all those other treasures are.

Dear Mommy Sigrid,
I know how hard it is to be a baby sitter, cook, teacher, nurse, counselor, manager, and even chauffeur in a day. But today is different. It is your day so just sit and relax. You deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day! Your sister in PMC, Rossel!

Awww…..Isn’t it touching? Thanks mommies. You really made my day! 😀

3 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day Surprise

  1. Rossel

    don’t mention it Sis Sigrid. I am glad that God made me a channel of the blessing you want. It’s good to know that Dindin likes the card. Maybe I should send her a personalized card on her birthday. Wink!

    I received my card w/ gift from my secret Mommy today and had the same feeling that you had. It was just overwhelming. May God bless you and your your family always. ^_^

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