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Dindin had a full week this week. Since Tuesday, we attended the DVBS of Trinity Christian Fellowship held at the Trinity School Auditorium at Villa Angela Subdivision, from April 20-24. But we were absent on the last day because Dindin had to attend a birthday party, the first birthday of our church mate, Gianna Demabildo Villarosa.

This year, the set up is different. Instead of dividing the pupils based on age levels and placing them on different classrooms, the set up is FAMILY. Each teacher is like the head of a family, so each class has kids of different age levels. As you can see below, there is a teacher, an assistant teacher, and kids of different ages. They have class sessions like the one pictured on the right. Dindin has sit in almost all the families. They also get to play with other kids, big and small, like blowing bubbles on the left. Dindin had a mighty time playing with a lot of the kids.

dindin dvbs

There are also singing and dancing sessions like the ones below. Dindin liked to watch at the leaders, as if thinking when she can go up the stage and also perform. She actually attempted to get up the stairs but it was still to dangerous for her. On the photo on the left, she was like conducting the students as they were singing on stage.

dindin dvbs2

Dindin thoroughly enjoyed the activities. At 13 months, she can already walk and run and so she was able to go around the auditorium with ease. I just have to keep a watchful eye because there are more than 100 kids in the auditorium and sometimes they are not aware that she is there so they might bump into her.

Aside from the classes, the singing and dancing part, there are also booths that the kids visited everyday. One such booth is the animal sacrifice sales (below right), where kids get to see different kinds of animals. This simulated the marketplace in the olden times where people used to buy live animals for sacrifices in the temple. There was also toga making, wreath making, beadworks, and a food booth where kids get to use the Roman coins that they earned for the day to buy food.


It was a great experience for Dindin. Next month, it will be the turn of the mother church to hold their own DVBS. The theme will be the same and we are excited to join again.

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