DVBS Day 3

DVBS Day 3

We were late in coming to class. Dindin did not have a good night’s rest last night so I decided not to wake her up too early. So I roused her around 9am, dressed her and brought her to school. But of course, we got there around 9:35am already and we already missed 3 sessions.

But that is fine. This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to start Dindin too early in school. I want to let her sleep. I really feel bad when her sleep gets interrupted. I feel that she needs her sleep now more than going to school. She is still very young. So if my reason would just be to let her miss school in favor of sleep, then I would feel bad again because I wasted money in paying her tuition and not sending her to school. So the best thing to do is to delay her schooling.

Anyway, we went straight to the Arts and Crafts Section because our classmates were already having snacks. And since eating is optional for Dindin, the only thing that could keep her occupied is to give her something to do. So I got her a pen and paper and asked her friends Kairo and Gianna to join her.

Dindin would then go back and forth to the crafts area to do something, like color, or write, or do stamps. But then, Tita Gervi, who was the DVBS supervisor, passed by and told all the kids that it was time to go back to their “families” or classes. Although I did not tell Dindin about, she turned to me and asked to be carried and be brought to Teacher Luz. She understood the instruction that she was to go back to her class, which was of course, headed by Teacher Luz. So went around the yard to the classroom where Teacher Luz was staying.

When Dindin saw Teacher Luz, she pointed to her and said, “Teacher Luz.” Then she turned to me and said, “Let’s go.” hahahaha She just had her attendance checked by Teacher Luz and then she wants to go back to the Arts and Crafts again. haha Oh well, you did not really expect Dindin to stay in class right? hahaha

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