DVBS Day 2: Monday

DVBS Day 2: Monday

Although we tried to get up early and all, we arrived a little late to DVBS and so we missed the Family Time. But because we got there during Praise and Worship, Dindin got comfortable immediately.

The whole group formed a very big oval and they danced to the action songs. Instead of joining in the oval, she went inside and danced. Here is her video.

Dindin enjoyed the activities more because her friend Gianna joined in starting today. Here is another video of them dancing together. hehehe

Today our Pastor joined us for the first time and when he saw Dindin, he greeted, “Hi, Dindin! Who’s your teacher?” To which Dindin replied, “Teacher Luz.” Whoa! She remembered who her teacher was on the first day. Then we proceeded to our family time and Dindin greeted her teacher, “Good morning, Teacher Luz.” hihi

We had a bible memory verse taken from Romans 12:6. Of course, Dindin cannot yet memorize this but she learned today that “God gives special abilities.” Dindin enjoyed drawing and playing. Here are some of her photos today.

Despite the heat and humidity, Dindin did not fuss because she was thoroughly enjoying herself!

One thought on “DVBS Day 2: Monday

  1. Cielo of Brown Pinay

    Hi sis,
    I do admire you for exposing your kiddo early on in worshiping God, from her lovely angelic face, I must say that she really enjoyed it..

    BTW, I already added you in my blogroll, Thanks for adding me in your link, I do appreciate it…

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