DVBS Day 1: Palm Sunday

DVBS Day 1: Palm Sunday

Last year, Dindin joined the DVBS in our church. It had the theme Rome. For this year, it is Journey Through Egypt. We more excited this year because Dindin is already bigger and could already understand what is going on.

Today, Palm Sunday, is the first day of the DVBS and will go on until Maundy Thursday. But since we are going away, we will just attend until Wednesday.

Anyway, when we go to Trinity Christian School, we joined our class, which is called Family Amarna, under Teacher Luz. Dindin did not want to sit down on the mat, except if I held her. And I learned later on why. She noticed that her classmates were wearing socks while she was wearing shoes because I did not let her wear socks. So she must have felt that those who are sitting down on the mat should be wearing socks. Talk about OCness. hehe

Then it was time to visit Joseph the Dreamer in prison. The guard’s name was Rameses. He was introduced only once but when we left the place, Dindin asked, “Rameses, where are you?” haha She remembered him. She also remembered what Joseph said that the lesson for the day is that “God gives hope.” πŸ˜€ Dindin really told Ang Kong when she went home what her lesson was.

There was a break at some point and Dindin saw some kids who ran across the courtyard. She ran after them and I just looked at her because I knew she would not proceed because the sun was shining high up in the sky as it was already noontime. And I was right. She stopped by the concrete area and just looked at the kids go. Then after a while of weighing the situation, Dindin turned left and ran after the kids but this time, she passed by the classrooms where it was shady! hahaha Talk about using her head!

Then I called her because we were supposed to have the praise and worship celebration already. So we walked back again the same way with Dindin following me in a marching cadence. Then she turned back. I was about to call her when I saw what she did. She noticed that the mat where our class meets got folded because of the wind. So she straightened it up. hahaha Sigh…what a responsible little girl! And of course, I did not have my camera to record such an instance.

There is also a huge pyramid on one side because of course, the theme is Egypt. I told Dindin that the thing is called a pyramid. She surveyed it and said, “Mountain.” haha Indi pa abi mag pati kay Mama!

Dindin also enjoyed the arts and crafts section where she made a necklace and colored a paper for her headpiece.

After all the sessions, we went back to the mat for our last “Family Time.” And guess what? Dindin led the closing prayer! It was a simple prayer, of course, but I am just happy and proud that she gamely said a prayer of thanks when Teacher Luz asked her to. πŸ˜€

Here are some photos.

Left, this is the entrance to the TCS Kinder School. Right, Dindin is bent on making a necklace.

Left: Dindin is lining with her classmates for the praise and worship. Can you see her? haha Right, that is our “family time” on the mat.

Dindin especially enjoyed making this Egyptian necklace. The facilitators already made the black fan-shaped thingy and so Dindin had a field day sticking the sequins on it. hehe

Here is a video of the praise and worship time.

Well that was a fun first day at the DVBS.

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  1. The Pepperrific Life

    Dindin has such a high EQ, that much I can say :). I guess, credit goes to you for raising her well.

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