Dry Skin Lotion, Anyone?

Dry Skin Lotion, Anyone?

Dindin can have some kulit moments. Sometimes they are funny, but when I am cranky, they can also get to my nerves. Whenever these things happen, I just take a deep breath, smile and try to play with her with whatever she is doing. I encouraged her to experiment and discover that is why even though I feel like shouting, I join her. hehe

One afternoon I took a short nap because I was really sleepy. This is not the first time. I would do this while Dindin is watching a video just so I could some shut-eye. But this afternoon, when I woke up, I saw that she had torn some sheets of paper into tiny pieces, like confetti! I almost lost my cool there! But instead, I just took a photo and asked Dindin to help me pick them all up and she did.

making confettiOne afternoon again, I was working in my computer for sometime before I took notice of Dindin. I just realized that the room grew quiet and it was because Dindin was already doodling. She had taken interest on a small calendar. But because it was small, her writing went out of the paper and was extended on the bed sheet. Apparently it was not her fault because the paper was just too small… I just had to tell her not to do it again. sigh…

writing on the bed sheetObviously, Dindin likes playing with confetti very much. She prefers them over candies when the pinata is opened. Anyway, we just opened a gift from a friend and Dindin tore the wrapper into tiny bits.

pink swimsuitOn another afternoon, I gave her a bottle and she happily lied down with it. So I went back to my computer. The room would be very quiet if Dindin is latched to her bottle but I thought that the room was very quiet for too long. When I turned around, Dindin was already sitting down with her back to me and it seems that she was doing something. When I went over to her, this is what she was doing.

lotion for toddlersI have always put lotion on Dindin’s legs because her skin is very dry and scaly. But that afternoon, she took it upon herself to put on more lotion–the Vaseline hand lotion that I have in my purse. She rummaged through my bag, took out the contents (notice the wallet, hand sanitizer and face powder?), and emptied the contents of my lotion on her leg. Well, that made her skin really soft and supple! LOL

13 thoughts on “Dry Skin Lotion, Anyone?

  1. Philip Mayo

    heheheh nice girl dindin….maybe she wants to celebrate somthing why she teared papers into pieces….

  2. Pepay

    Hahaha… Gn paligo ang lotion… Saja kay badin a… No dull moments..

  3. ma antonia lizares poblador

    Ha3x! Dindin reminds me of my childhood days! I used to own a puncher and I would punch holes on colored papers and stuff them in plastic egg containers. Then, I would have confetti bombs ready for my brothers to launch on. Of course, my yaya would be enraged with the clutter in my bedroom afterwards. Just enjoy the moments, momz. Dindin needs your extra patience especially during this stage where she is discovering how things work. You’ll miss it when she grows up… =)

    1. admin Post author

      baw tita ton, pls don’t teach her that! LOL but actually, i am thinking where we can do that and not get scolded! LOL

  4. karen

    LOL!!! ahay a daw mangakig ka man gd tuod kisa no pero galing they’re still learning… kisa indi ka man kapangakig kay da malingaw ka man sa gina ubra nila…. lol πŸ™‚ pero bilib ko boots simo πŸ™‚ u can keep ur cool pa… me, i have to work on prolonging my patience pa gd ya…

    1. admin Post author

      well, ga akig man kis-a e…sometimes i find myself nagging dindin already and then i will stop, take a deep breath and smile. sometimes, this simple practice does make me remember not to rant hehe

  5. EJsmom

    cute moments na… especially when you have 2 experimenting on something, the longest patience wins πŸ˜€

  6. Gene

    DinDin and my Una should play with each other. Pareho sila ng mga gawa. The papers, the writing even the lotion! Just wait till she gets her hand on the baby powder. Hubby woke bathing in baby powder because of Una, hahaha!

    kids in doodles: laptop + crayons

  7. MaiThreeBoyz

    Hahaha, sabi nga ng nanay ko pag ang bata tumahimik, may ginagawa ahahaha. Cute Dindin. My two year old also likes to put on lotion. And I used to be able to take naps too when my boys were smaller. Now I can’t because I’m scared what I’ll find when I wake up, hahaha!

  8. Ate Keanna

    Cute “kulit” moments of DinDin. Here’s my entry. Hope you can visit and if you like, join the fun at Messy Go Round. This is a very nice entry for MGR already. See You! Thanks a lot!

  9. mel cole

    Aren’t they precious? They will always find something to get busy with when we are doing other things. She’s a cute babe. πŸ™‚

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