Dorothy Shane at 1 Week Old and Her Medical Conditions

Dorothy Shane at 1 Week Old and Her Medical Conditions

My home photography. hehe Shane at 1 week old, sleeping peacefully. The traces of her IV insertion are still evident on her left hand.

Last Sunday, our younger daughter Dorothy Shane turned a week old. Wow! It has been a week already? Thank God I feel so much better now so I can also better take care of her.

Stub Cells
In the morning, Shane, as we have now decided to casually call her, was given her final dose of antibiotics. She was administered that at birth because I had UTI when I was five months pregnant. Upon delivery, her pediatrician ordered a blood test and it was revealed that Shane has stub cells. Hence, the antibiotics were prescribed.

ABO Incompatibility and Jaundice
Aside from that, Shane has jaundice because of our blood types. Hubby’s blood type is AB while mine is O, which resulted in ABO incompatibility. Shane’s blood type is A, just like Dindin, and both of them underwent photo therapy at the nursery. She was placed under the Bililamp for three days in order to help flush out the toxic bilirubin from her system.

But since we were already discharged from the hospital, we were advised to keep exposing her to early morning sunlight, from 6:30-7:30am. Too bad though that the sun has not been so cooperative lately because of the bad weather. If you notice, Shane is still yellowish in the picture. I hope that by Saturday, it will lighten before the doctor sees her again.

Wearing red on her first week. 😀

First Week Milestones
Shane is quite sensitive to sound in the sense that when somebody is talking to her, she will immediately turn her head and face whoever is trying to engage her. When she is crying and someone would sing to her, she would calm down and look towards whoever is singing.

At Day 6, she can lift her head and turn it from side to side while lying on her tummy. She’s got a pretty strong neck. 😀

6 thoughts on “Dorothy Shane at 1 Week Old and Her Medical Conditions

  1. gladys amor dino

    my pre term baby was also given his antibiotic for a week for i had UTI in my 5th and 7th month. your baby is a music lover too. haha. wish her a healthy life 🙂

  2. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    That’s nice to hear! Congrats! and good luck for the future! Stay good as you are and be the best mom in the whole world for them! <3

  3. Mertevchel Teves Cañete

    How gorgeous this Angel is? I also have a best friend who gave birth with her pre-term baby (I forgot if that is really the term though.. haha). Her lil angel is also so sensitive with sounds. Kids are so lovely that I am really fond of them though I have not been a mother yet.

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