Dindin likes playing with dollhouses big and small. Sometimes she gets to play at SM or Robinsons and sometimes she plays at home. She would ask for her mini doll house and its “dolls” and she would play with her Papa and make believe that the dolls are doing this and that.

Check out the photos, too. Look at how detailed this house is! And so small! Just perfect for Dindin’s small fingers! By the way, the fingers on this photo are from my hand. hahaha But it is so adorable!

doll house

We are yet to open the castle that her uncle has given her. 😀 But we have let her play with her Dora and Boots garden treehouse. She likes letting Dora and Boots use the seesaw and the swing! hihi By the way, if you notice that backdrop of a hill and blue skies, that is just part of the box. I cut it out and taped them together to provide a background for our treehouse. 😀

dora dollhouse

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