Doctor Barbie and Our Colorful Puzzle

Doctor Barbie and Our Colorful Puzzle

PhotobucketLast night we were at SM for their SMAC Sale. It was just timely that Lolo Tito sent us money for Dindin’s Barbie. You see, I remember that when I was still a child, it was my Tito Nene who bought me my first Barbie Doll, which turned out to be my last as well. It was just way toooooo expensive for my parents to buy one for me.

But for Dindin, I never really got interested in buying one for her until I saw that there is a Barbie series called, “I can be a…” There are two dolls that I am interested in, and that is is the “I can be a doctor Barbie” and “I can be a Ballerina teacher.” That is because of all professions, Dindin is always pretending that she is a doctor. And she also pretends that she is a ballerina. So I asked Lolo Tito if he could also give one to Dindin and he agreed! Yey! He sent us the money and it was so timely since there was a discount last night, we were not only able to buy the “Doctor Barbie”, we also got four of those shape sorter cubes.

You would think that Dindin is already quite old for the shape sorter because by now, she can already recognize and say shapes like “trapezoid” and “hexagon” very clearly. But because I did not get just one but four of them it became an entirely different game. We connected all the pieces and I came up with that tubular thing.
But then I let Dindin play with it for awhile and when I looked around at her, she disassembled everything and started making a mat shape. With her grandma, they made the arrangement below. hihi Well, this is already a short family time.
Thank you very much Lolo Tito for sponsoring these stuff for Dindin! Greatly appreciated! Dindin is really happy with them!

12 thoughts on “Doctor Barbie and Our Colorful Puzzle

  1. Pepay

    Yay..thats why she has the barbie na..hehe..i nvr thought that shape sorter could look that complex…hehe..kag grabe nang..kabalo na cya sg mga complicated na shapes? Dw sg highschool ko lg na na learn..hehe

  2. Keanna

    Hi Dindin! I was checking on your site to see if there is already a winner for the guessing game when I saw that you already have a Messy Go Round post! Yay! You’re really prompt! It’s my birth month and Mommy is thinking of transferring my blogspot to a domain she won and setup a contest too. Hope you can join.

    You can now link up your post Doctor Dindin! LoL! Thank you.

  3. admin Post author

    @pepay: we do not baby talk her abi. we tell her the names of things, and she diligently follows. kis-a medyo bulol pa. pero ang hexagon and trapezoid claro2 na gid xa maghambal. tapos ga smile2 na xa, na daw siguro achievement for saying such a high word! hahaha

    @keanna: tita has no time to tally the answers pa. will try tomorrow πŸ˜€ take care dear!

  4. Vhen

    hi Dindin, dami toys huh? Your ate Sha used to play those shape sorter too when she was your age or younger pa. But now couldn’t find it na, sa dami ng toys hehehe…

    Cute toys, lalo na yung Barbie doll…

    hope you can visit back πŸ™‚

    happy weekend!

  5. Pepay

    Hehe..ka sagad na gd cya… Kg i-enroll mo na cya sa skul nang bsi drecho na na cya grade 1… Hehehe

  6. mommy jes

    wow!!! saya saya naman ni dindin!! πŸ™‚ Akina lang barbie mo baby πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚ Kya pala excited si MOMMY πŸ˜€

  7. Gene of Corbitoness

    That’s a lot of colorful puzzles! I remember buying a set for Una when she was younger. I don’t know where she put the puzzle pieces, it’s all gone now. hahaha!

    Visiting via Family Time.

  8. Olga

    Nice idea for the shape sorter! I’ll try that one out with my toddlers. I’m joining Family Time for the first time this week. I hope you can visit my entry.

  9. Keanna

    Hi there! This is a late visit from ME .

    Hope you can also join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thank you!

  10. Shengkay

    colorful..i bought iris din ng shape sorter..pero isa lang..pero hindi pa rin nya masyado ito pinaglalaruan..she just love disassembled it..

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