Disciplining Dindin

Disciplining Dindin

The first time I punished Dindin, I used three different ways in one sitting. I really have problems feeding her. She has a very small appetite. That night, I made her dinner and thought that she would be hungry already. After all, she did not have intake for more than 3 hours. But despite my cajoling, she would not take in food. Finally, I was able to put some food in her mouth, but instead of chewing it, she let the food slide out of her mouth. I told her not to do it again and snapped at the side of her mouth. She cried very hard. Then I comforted her not to do it again.

I continued to sweet talk her into eating. While my hand was in the air trying to feed her, she slapped the spoon and all the food went flying around. So I got something to hit the hand that slapped the spoon. She cried very hard again. Then I comforted her and we continued with the routine. But she continued to refuse food and once again slapped the spoon. I picked her up from the high chair and brought her downstairs to the store and left her by the door of her Papa’s office. She cried so hard that her Papa and grandparents had a hard time comforting her.

She was really stressed from all the crying that later that night, I discovered she had hives. That was the first time I saw her have that. I thought they were ant bites and gave her anti-allergy drops. Still appropriate measures. My parents in law said that maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on Dindin, as she is still very young and does not understand. But I think that she already knows and understands the situation. She was just trying to measure my patience and is trying to determine when will I give in to her. After that hard time of discipline, the next day and everyday thereafter, she never spit food or slapped the spoon anymore. And she eats lunch and dinner already and snacks occasionally. Her appetite for the right kinds of foods increased. That was 2 months ago. The punishment worked on her.

Today, Dindin refused to take her vitamins. Finally, I got to squeeze the contents of the dropper in her mouth. But she let her mouth remain open while the dark colored Growee dripped from the side of her mouth. She would not close her mouth. Then she cried and cried. I let her stand up on the floor (she was first sitting on the bed), as the sheets and her clothes were already vitamin-stained. Then I scolded her. She tried to hug me but I pushed her away. That is really a painful punishment for her because she likes to hug me. I forgot why I got to the point of using the rod on her (yeah, we have a rod on hand but it was the first time that I used it on Dindin), but I did. I hit her three times on her derriere, but it was padded with her thick diaper so it was not painful. Still, the fact that I hit her made her cry very hard. And the sound of the whacking must have scared her.

After awhile again I comforted her. I told her that Mama doesn’t want to punish her, but there are things that she needs to do and she has to follow Mama. I also explained to her that not everything will happen her way and she cannot always get what she wants. She sobbed for quite some time while she hugged me and then we played again.

This afternoon, she climbed on the legs of my desk. I told her several times not to. This I did with a gentle tone of voice. Finally, I said, “Ara naman? Sugod naman ta? (Are you trying to test Mama’s patience again?)” She then stepped off the stand, walked away and said “Sorry.” Awwww….my heart melted and I hugged her.

3 thoughts on “Disciplining Dindin

  1. pepay

    awwwww…………… she knows how to say sorry na…. so sweet…

    sometimes, we all have to learn the hard way … for sure din2 knows she is still loved biskan gna pa-pa cya… at least she would know her mistakes… pero sweet cya… ahay…. heee….

    hughug badin!

  2. Jillian

    dako na gid si din manang boots a.miss her so much.hehe. ka sweet gd nga bata kg humble.she knows how to say sorry.

  3. pp

    discipline is a tough thing. how do you love and punish as well? but the thing is, it is God’s wisdom and love that allows us to discipline our kids without having them doubt our motives. 😀

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