Dindin’s Sofa

Dindin’s Sofa

We are very thankful to Jollibee for giving us a free sofa for Dindin during her birthday. You see, we attended a birthday party at a friend’s home last year and there was a kiddie sofa bed there. Dindin really liked sitting on it, maybe because it was soft and comfy and also maybe because it just fit her.

So we thought of getting one for Dindin. We checked out SM’s Baby Company but they only sold character sofa beds at P700. We thought it was too expensive. I mean, it may probably not be expensive, but it just costs a lot of money for us. Way beyond our means. My budget for such is only P400.

Then we heard that a local company held a mattress sale and they were giving a 20% discount even for credit card purchases. Cool! So I called up the company and checked if they were selling kiddie sofa beds. And indeed they were, but theirs was more expensive than SM and the item was not discounted. Gee, oh well, I guess we will not be buying this sofa after all.

We no longer entertained the idea of having a sofa for Dindin when upon booking our birthday party at Jollibee last December, we learned that they were giving away a free sofa for the celebrant. That is just soooo cool. What a blessing. It may just be a sofa only and not a sofa bed, but what the heck, Dindin loved it and she sits on it always.

But in the picture below, it is Mama who is sitting on the Jollibee sofa. Dindin wanted the two of us to sit down together but since the Strawberry Shortcake inflatable chair could not hold Mama’s weight, Dindin sat on it instead.

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