Dindin’s Realizations

Dindin’s Realizations

Taking medicines

It was very hard to give medicines and vitamins to Dindin. She resisted almost everything that went near her mouth, including food. So you can just imagine her resistance to medicines and during the time that she got sick, you can also imagine how many times I had to change her, the sheets, and my clothes because her vomit went everywhere everytime we gave her medicines.

What I did was to include everything in her milk. But if she will not drink milk then she doesn’t get to drink her medicine. I think that she doesn’t get the full effect of her medicine and vitamins because they are diluted in her milk.

By this time, Dindin already knows what she is taking, she would really mention them, like “medicine”, “Growee,”, “zinc”, and “hi-bee.” And oh, she can also say “antibiotic.”

Her realization: One day Dindin just realized that whatever she does, she cannot do anything but take her supplements and medicine. She would dutifully open her mouth whenever I would hold a dropper near her and take in everything. She would just shiver because of the bitterness of her medicines (especially Cetirizine Allerkid) and supplements, but then I would give her water and she would down a real lot of them, just to wash the taste away.

Using The Nebulizer

The first time that Dindin had to nebulize was in April. That was her first dry cough that she woke up one morning with difficulty in breathing. We rushed her to the Riverside Hospital Outpatient Department where she was given 2 nebules of Salbutamol Ventolin about 20 minutes apart.

She cried sooo hard. She was also resisting so much that it took three people to hold her still. The doctor held the face mask and her head, Papa Dennis hugged her tightly while she sat on his lap and I held her legs. She cried the entire time but it worked to her advantage because she was able to suck in a lot of the vaporized medicine.

Eventually, after several nebulizer sessions at home, her resistance waned. I think it was on the fourth time that she no longer cried or resisted whenever we would attach the mask on her face. She would even adjust her head when the mask moved.

Her realization: The nebulizer will not hurt her. Rather, it will help make her feel better after each session. And also, Mama and Papa are just trying to help her.

Taking a bath

From the moment we took Dindin out of the hospital, she cried every single time we took her to the bathroom.

One day, I just could not take it anymore. I told her in a loud voice, “Dindin no matter how much you cry, you will take a bath every single day.” That very moment, she stopped crying. And every time we took a bath since then, she never bawled anymore. Yeah she would complain when the water would drip from her hair to her eyes, but that is about it.

Her realization: Taking a bath is part of life.

She will not get everything she wants

From when she was just months old, I would always tell Dindin that she will not get everything she wants no matter how much she cries. There was point when she was 6 months old that whenever I start on that sentence in my usual tone, she would pretend to sleep. And when I would stop, she would wake up again.

Now that she is older, we can say NO to what she wants and she would not show any resistance. She will just accept that it is not something that she can have. That is why she can go around the mall without her taking things from the shelf and throwing a tantrum if that is not given to her. Just don’t make the mistake of giving her something because she will think that is already hers and you could not take it away from her without a violent fight.

Her realization: She cannot have everything.

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