Dindin’s Prayer

Dindin’s Prayer

As far as we can remember, we have already taught Dindin to pray. It is just a simple prayer during mealtimes,

“Lord, Thank you for this food. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

We taught her to put her hands together and to say Amen. She has been doing these things for months now. At night, before going to sleep, we have used the prayer in one of her bible story books as her bedtime prayer and we would just add some more prayer petitions before saying Amen. It has become a part of her bedtime regimen.

But the other day was different. Dindin was on her high chair as I was feeding her with her afternoon snacks. Then I told her to “bless Papa.” She pointed at her Papa, put her two hands over her chest to sign “love” and put her fingers on her head to sign “Papa.” As if she was saying, “Love Papa.” We thought it was already awesome.

When she was done, she signed to her Papa that she wanted to be carried. When Dennis got her from the high chair, I told her again, “Din, bless Papa.” To which she promptly said, “Blessssaaaa Paaaa-paaaa. Aaaaa-mien.”

What??? We clapped our hands and exclaimed. It was sooo clear when she said it. Of course, she said it in baby’s style, but it was so awesome to hear her say that. I really believe in the power of a child’s prayer. And I believe, too, with all my heart, that Dindin’s prayers are making God smile. 😀

At the same time, we were amazed at her level of cognition that she was able to connect “bless” with two things–to love her Papa and to pray for him…awwww

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    1. admin Post author

      oo nga momi. she seems to be able to comprehend a lot of things na even at a tender age of 13 months. gina try gid namun lagas ang iya growth 😀

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