Dindin’s Play Station

Dindin’s Play Station

No, I am not talking about the game console called the Sony PlayStation 2 or 3 or PS2 or PS3 for that matter. But when we say Dindin’s Play Station, that pertains to Dindin’s corner.

We just thought of assigning a place for Dindin in the room. Papa and Mama have their work station (when you hear of this, you would think that our room is very big right?), which is a small square table where our two laptops are sitting back to back. We work there. So naturally, Dindin has to have her own station where with she can play and write. Her station actually comprises of a pink kiddie table and chair that we purchase at Novo for a fraction of the cost of the study tables and chairs that we always see at SM or Robinsons. This is really way cheaper and we are glad we got this. It is only P1,100 but is made of wood and steel. The height of the table and the chair is also adjustable. So I guess we got a good deal. We bought this when Dindin turned 1 year old. When we went back there, the cheapest desk and chair set that we saw is already P1,600. So this is a really good buy.

Every so often, I would change the theme of her work station. Here are some photos. I rotate her toys and display them here. Like for example, I group her toys according to their kind–puzzles, musical instruments, vegetables, fruits, animals, etc. Whatever. And well, I try to take them out one group at a time. After a few days, when she is tired of them already, I keep them and take out something else.


But today, we got her those wide rubber mats. Her previous puzzle mats had smaller puzzle pieces which she always takes out. Although I can ask her to get the pieces and put them back, she has stumbled over the missing puzzle pieces too many times already. It is getting quite dangerous. So again, we went to Novo for this. The Eva Puzzle Mat at SM City Department Store costs P199.75 for four pieces. We got ours for P130 for the same number of pieces. However, the kind of rubber used was different and so the mat really reeked of rubber upon opening. I tried to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth but the strong smell of rubber pervaded our bedroom. I was afraid that Dindin will become allergic again so we took the mats out for awhile.

The next day, the mats still smelled so I washed them with soap and rinsed both sides completely and let them air dry. The smell subsided. So that is your choice. If you are willing to pay P70 more and not have to wash the rubber mats, then suit yourself. hahaha Anyway, we bought the posters/charts from Lopue’s East because they have a dry good sale. Each poster costs P22 and had a 15% discount off them. We just wanted some visual stimulation on Dindin’s eye level near the mats, hence the charts. If you notice that one cabinet door is missing a poster, I intented to just make one for her because I wanted a poster of flags and I could not find one. So I will just make one for her and have Papa print it out. hehe

Dindin really enjoys this new area. Just look at her video.

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