Dindin’s New Hairdo–Pigtails!

Dindin’s New Hairdo–Pigtails!

dindin pigtails2
Dindin has a lot of hair already, but with differing lengths. I have been cutting the part on her nape to keep her from scratching that area. But this week, just as I was about to snip her growing hair, I had second thoughts. I thought of keeping her hair long and instead cut her bangs.

So to keep her from further scratching her nape, I gave her a new hairdo–pigtails! Well, I thought of writing about it and sharing her pixes because this is the first time that she is in pigtails. And I remember that when Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, was first seen with pigtails, the press had a field day about it. I actually read about it in People magazine online.

Anyway, Dindin may not be the daughter of such popular parents but I can still write about it right? hihi I am pretty sure Dindin will have a fun time reading her memoirs in my blog when she is older. haha Here are her pixes. And do check out her hoop earrings. I wanted to clean her earrings last time but she would not let me remove them. She only allowed me today because I told her that I will replace them with my faux gold and diamond hoop earrings that are hypo allergenic. These may be big for her but she loved it! And it allowed me to clean her stud earrings! lol

dindin pigtails1

4 thoughts on “Dindin’s New Hairdo–Pigtails!

  1. lebski

    pede.. cge more praktis pa, para nxt time pde na kpatindog salon for kids.. =D
    bagay man ah..

  2. karla

    Ay abaw, finally! dwapa-dwapa ba..and take note, carry ang dako nga earrings..hehehe…cutie!

  3. admin Post author

    hehehe gani karl. she likes butingting gid ya. she likes having them around tapos she will pick something up and try to put on her hair or body. hehe

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