Dindin’s New Brand of Water

Since she was born, Dindin was given distilled water for her drinking and for mixing with her milk. We used Wilkins, because that was what her pediatrician described. A couple of months later,  we learned that Absolut’s drinking water is also distilled. It was cheaper than Wilkins and so we tried a small bottle first, just in case Dindin will not accept Absolut. I dunno if others have also noticed it but there is a certain smell and taste to Absolut that I don’t like. But I guess it did not affect Dindin’s milk much, so we continued using it.

Until one day we were told that SM Bonus has its own distilled water and by far it is the cheapest among bottled brands. So we shifted again.

Now, Dindin is already 14 months old. I have already targeted that if she is already more than a year, we will shift to purified drinking water for her. We chose Merci Purified Drinking Water. Among the local brands here in Bacolod City, I trust Merci because of its 21-stage water purification system.  I wanted to start Dindin on Merci Water this week only but it got early because last election day, May 10, 2010, her Papa forgot to bring her bag. And since she was already thirsty, I got her a small bottle of Merci water from a sari-sari store. She drank about 70 ml of it. She was that thirsty. She was good with it and now we continue to use Merci water.

I also like the fact that they deliver to our home. So no hassle.

merci water

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