Dindin’s illnesses

Dindin’s illnesses

Dindin had been a pretty tough baby. We would bring her along both for work and pleasure just about anywhere. Since we do not have a baby sitter, she is always with us.

That was before she turned 1 year old. Two days after her birthday, she got sick. Then a few weeks later, she got sick again. And again. And again. And again. By this time, she was sick for 10 times already. And for different reasons. She had gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, allergic cough and colds, infection, etc. It is not always the same, but for some reason or the other, she would get sick.

Honestly, we are emotionally, mentally, physically, and not to mention, financially drained because of the series of unfortunate incidents. Sometimes I wonder what God is trying to teach me, but it is really hard looking at Dindin getting sick. Eventually, after several times, Dennis and I also got sick because our body’s defenses also bogged down from all the sleepless nights we have had the past months.

Right now, Dindin is on a lot of supplements both homeopathic and pharmaceutical to get her back in shape. Actually, if you look at her, she is one healthy toddler. She is very energetic. But from time to time, she still has coughing spells.

We continue to claim healing for her and she would answer with a faithful, “Amen!” We can only cling to God in this time of crises in our young family’s life.

Below, Dindin is playing doctor.

doctor dindin

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  1. pepay

    ahay…sige lang nang a… la man si badin gina pabay-an ni Lord… strong girl gani siya..bilib ko!

    love the picture…hihi…daw piyu…

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