Dindin’s First Birthday

Dindin’s First Birthday

dindin first bday

Dindin is now officially a toddler. Although she had long been showing signs of being a toddler, I consider today her first day in her journey as a toddler.

Last night, we celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY with a simple dinner held at the Benjamin Hall. It was a gathering of family and friends–people who mean much to us. It was not a children’s party with games and stuff, as we were not sure if Dindin will get to enjoy it for now. But we did give out the balloons that were also used as stage decors and the kiddie guests still enjoyed their time.

We are so thankful to those who attended and showered Dindin with gifts–toys, clothes, money–everything is appreciated and put to good use.

Dindin enjoyed the night. She did not eat, nor drink milk, nor sleep the whole time. She was walking from table to table as if greeting her guests. She squealed in delight and clapped her hands when the birthday song was sung for her. She also signed 1 with her finger when asked how old she was. She was super happy! She did not blow the candle though–it looked different. D’Bakers did a wonderful job on her Tinkerbell cake. And we got to keep the doll for the cake topper. Cool!

It was a long and happy night for our family.

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