Dindin’s Favorite Song

Dindin’s Favorite Song

Dindin’s favorite song is the “Alphabet Song.” She has long memorized the ABCs until the part where you sing, “Now, I know my ABC. Next time won’t you sing with me.”

She sings different versions, Rachel de Acevedo’s version (Baby Signing Time), Elmo’s version, Miles’ version (guest singer in the Elmo show who sang a rap version), India’s version (when she guested still in Elmo), and recently, Dindin’s rock version. Yep, she made her own version of the ABC. It is hard to describe it in writing and I have not taken a video of her singing either.

But I know that it is her favorite song because many times I would carry her and I would sing a different song. She would say, “No, no.” Then I would ask what she wanted, and she would say, “ABC.” When I would start singing, she will then sing with me. haha That is also her lullaby. waaaaa

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