Dindin’s Favorite Food

If Dindin already makes choices with her clothes, toys, and accessories, then naturally, she has her food choices as well. She likes crunchy stuff–crackers, cornflakes, biscuits. She absolutely abhors Cerelac of any flavor. Probably it is more of the texture than the taste. But I still buy Cerelac just in case I need to fortify her meal.

But her most favorite food of all—banana!!! She can say “Na-na” and would almost always beg for banana every meal. Although bananas are good, they also cause constipation and it is quite common for her to have that, although she eats fiber, yoghurt, fruits, and takes lots of water and fruit juice everyday. So I don’t give her banana unless she has LBM.

Yesterday, I was in a quandary what to feed her. She still has cough and she almost always throws up food items with big particles. So I thought of giving her pure Cerelac and some banana. When I went inside the room to feed her, I told her, “Dindin, Mama will give you banana!” To which she excitedly replied, “Na-na!”

When I settled down, I told her, “But first you have to eat some Cerelac.” I gave her a teaspoon, but she shook her head. I held her face so that she will open her mouth and gave it to her. She threw up the Cerelac along with the milk that she had about 30 minutes before. Shucks! I had to force Cerelac on her. Sigh…

So after cleaning her up (and everything else), I told her “Okay, you can have your banana.” She readily opened her mouth and when she chewed on it she said, “Mi-nami-nami-nami-yumi na-na!” Sigh…how can you fight that? Banana is just soooo yummy-yummy for her. It’s just too bad that I can’t always give it to her. So she continued eating her banana. Whenever she would feel like coughing, she would control it so that the banana would not shoot out of her mouth. If ever there will be some that would come out of her lips, she will lick them.

Today, while having lunch, she pooped after three teaspoons of food. Then she coughed that the food in her mouth shoot out again, messing up her clothes. So we had to wash her and change her nappies. After changing, she wanted to play. I told her “You are not done eating yet. You still have to eat banana.” To which she replied, “Aw. Na.” It is like saying, “Aw a. Sige na, eat pa ta.” hahahaha

So that is banana, Dindin’s favorite food.


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