Dindin’s Experiments

Dindin’s Experiments

Earrings & Necklace

Dindin adores my collection of beaded dangling earrings. These are just plastic earrings that I made and they come with the metal hooks that you use to hang them on your ear piercings. Dindin was pretty young when she noticed my collection hanging inside the door of my cabinet. Every time I opened the door of my cabinet, she would ask for a couple of earrings. At first, I did not give them to her because it is dangerous to give pointed stuff to babies. But I found out later that it was not so for Dindin. So eventually, I gave in to her demands.

At first, she was contended with two different pieces, then she asked for more. One night, I found her facing Papa Dennis. She was standing while her Papa was just sitting down. And the two of them had one earring dangling from each hand. They were facing each other while doing that. It was like a battle of wits looking at them! Eventually, Dennis complained that his arms were already sore. When he put them down, Dindin got angry. Dennis said, “Daw sasko ba!” I told him at least Dindin was also doing the same, so she was also probably tired. But it seems she was trying to experiment on something. She was looking at the earrings closely, as if trying to observe probably gravity or whatever. haha

This also happened with several necklaces that she got as giveaways from a birthday party. She would hold a couple and let them dangle in the air while she let her Papa hold another two. Then they would face each other for a very long time. If Papa will put her arms down, Dindin would cry. haha Luoy si Papa! 😀

Edge of Bed

Dindin takes care of her toys. She does not break toys intentionally. She does not throw stuff. But she would push things off our bed. From where she is sitting, she would crawl and push the object until it has fallen off the edge of the bed. I am not sure what she is trying to prove. Is she like Christopher Columbus who sailed around the world just to prove that the earth is round and not flat, but her hypothesis is more like the bed is flat? Or is she trying to prove that if something reaches a certain point on the bed, it will fall off?

The funny thing is, if that thing, like a toy, already hits the floor, she would look at me and say, “Da-dag.” Of course, it did not fall off by itself, she pushed it to the edge! lol

The Sound of Objects/Gravity

As I have mentioned, Dindin does not throw toys, even if she has a tantrum. However, she “drops” objects. When she was younger, she had her crib in our room. She would stay there most of the day, as we treat it like a holding pen for her, much like those fighting cocks during conditioning. lol Naaaa…we hold her there so that we can work.

When she was able to stand up, she would sometimes bring a toy with her. But then, sometimes her grip would loosen and the toy would fall on the floor. She realized that toys getting dropped like that create a sound. Eventually, we noticed that she would get a toy, position herself and then as if counting to three, she would literally “drop” the toy. The funny thing is, while doing so, she would close her eyes, as if anticipating a very loud sound. After one toy, she would get another one and do the same thing. I am not if she is trying to compare the sounds of different objects as they hit the floor or she is trying to measure the length of time for an object to hit the floor. lol

Big Octopus

These octopuses below were very small. The instruction said to steep them in water and wait for 4 hours for the octopus to grow. I thought that Dindin would not be able to appreciate this. What 1 year old baby can understand the concept of a growing toy over time?

Ha! It turned out I underestimated Dindin. I was saving up this toy for when she will be older. But one day when she was 1 year and 4 months old, she got so hyper that I was at my wit’s end. Then I saw these two dried up animals on the table. I got a bowl and told her that I will put the octopus there. We have to wait for awhile and then we will see the octopus grow big.

She looked at the octopus in the water and said, “o-pus…” That’s how she calls octopus. She did not even touch the water. So I set it on the table nearest the bed. After about 15 minutes, she asked to see the octopus. So I showed it to her and said, “It is not yet big, we will have to wait some more.” She went back to playing on the bed again. After about 20 minutes, she called to me and asked for the octopus again. I showed it to her again. She kept asking to see it until after about an hour and a half had passed. Then she fell asleep. When she woke up after 2 hours, she asked for the octopus. And when we checked it, they have grown to maybe 5-6 times its original size! Then Dindin said, “Big, o-opus!” haha

How did she understand that we have to wait because over time, the octopus grows big. Up until this time, we just add water to the octopus so that they will remain big. If they dry up, they shrink again. And up until now, she has not touched them, even if I laid the the container on the floor for an entire day!

big octopus

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