Dindin’s DVBS Graduation

PhotobucketDindin attended DVBS for the second time this year at the mother church. So yesterday, instead of going to our home church TCF, we attended worship service in our mother church.

It was their DVBS graduation. It was not really like a graduation thingy but that is when the kids who attended the DVBS for the last week will join in a singing presentation. Dindin was the youngest student and she only attended practice twice so we are not sure if she will really join, especially that they will perform before a big crowd. We had our anxieties but Dindin had proven us wrong. She performed on stage and had a great time. I am so thankful and proud for Dindin. I guess my baby is already getting matured already.:-D Here are some videos and photos of the event. Can you see the little girl in the middle? hihi Photobucket


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