Dindin’s Curly Locks

Dindin’s Curly Locks

Nope. Not Goldilocks. But curly locks. lol

Well, we were just goofing around. Dennis and I went to the 888 Chinatown Square one afternoon and found this hat with a curly haired wig in one of the hair accessories store there. I got this for P30, though I complained because the sticker tag that got stuck inside the hat said P15. But it was still cheap, so we bought it anyway.

We decided to get Dindin a hat like this because she had lost quite a lot of hair. When she was born, her head was covered with short, straight black hair that seemed to stick on her scalp. It was fine with me. But I was advised to apply baby oil on her hair so that it will grow thicker. As I did not want to use just any synthetic baby oil, I chose a local brand of virgin coconut oil for baby’s hair.

After about 3 days of applying oil on Dindin’s hair once a day, her hair started to fall off. By the end of the third day, she had bald patches on her head already. So we discontinued the use of the oil.

This is why we have this wig. Doesn’t she look cute? I wonder why in most of the photos taken that night, her eyes were opened wide. She was surprised of her sudden hair growth? And all curly at that!!!! hahaha

dindin curly hair

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