Dindin Tickles Herself

Dindin Tickles Herself

Dindin now has a video on Youtube. Lol I thought it was easier to share videos there and also embed here on my blog. So anyway, she has a first video uploaded there now and I am sharing it here.

Dindin and I were playing this day. I think we spent most of the day playing with whatever things we can think of and would catch her interest. Then our helper gave us a hamper full of freshly pressed clothes. I put the clean clothes in our cabinet. Dindin is always interested with clothes and so she would join me in the folding and unfolding (she did more unfolding though). But after I have kept all the clothes, she got interested in the hamper. She rode in it and I started pushing it around the room (kapoy ha!) She enjoyed the experience. So I thought of taking a video of our play. But then, something happened and it was not scripted.

She had with her a Dalmatian figure with a hat. She has liked this dog far more than the other dog toys that she has. Then in the middle of our sailing, she started pretending that her Dalmatian was tickling her and she was actually giggling! lol See her video. 😀

And here are a couple of photos, too. 😀

dindin riding a boat

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  1. admin Post author

    oo karl, pirmi nya na lingaw lawas nya. check out her sexy shoulders! nice no? ahay, hisa ko ya! hahaha

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