Dindin the Food Critic

Dindin the Food Critic

At lunchtime today, I came inside the room carrying a plate with rice and roast chicken. It was marinated in some seasonings and rosemary. It really smelled good.

The moment I stepped inside the room, Dindin said, “Wow, fried chicken!” I told her it was actually roast chicken so she came to me to check it.

I put a small slice of chicken and some rice on the spoon then I placed it near her mouth. Instead of opening her mouth, she closed her eyes and inhaled, “Hmmmm…smells good.” Then she took the food in her mouth. While she was chewing, I heard her say, “Perfect.” She chewed some more and said, “Excellent.” After chewing some more and the chicken was almost dissolved, she exclaimed, “That was the best chicken I have ever eaten!”

Oh….okay…where does she learn all these things?

3 thoughts on “Dindin the Food Critic

  1. Pepay

    Hahahahahaha!! I ssoooo love badin! She is very appreciative and expressive. Indi na ko matingala nang when she make those comments. That’s dindin. She is full of surprises. Hihi

  2. The Pepperrific Life

    Now I know what she’ll grow up to be: a food blogger and critic 🙂
    Dindin is showing so much talent and wit at her age.

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