Dindin Stands 34 inches

Dindin Stands 34 inches

We went to the pedia last Thursday to have Dindin’s Hepa A booster shot as well as to have a general check up. Thankfully, she willingly stood by the height chart so that we can measure her height. She does not like doing this but that day, she cooperated. She now measures 34 inches and weight 12 kgs. That is a real improvement. Dindin is now 2 years and 3 months. I just love how she looks standing in front of that white wall!

And well, presenting Dindin’s nice white blouse. Along with a different pink skirt, this was a gift by my former high school teacher. She found Dindin too cute that she gifted her with clothes even if there was no occasion. Thanks Ma’am Terry!

Below, Dindin waits on the examining table while her doctor prepares the Hepa A vaccine. She doesn’t look too good. haha Actually, Dindin does not have a problem with the actual shot. What she doesn’t like is being held still that she could not move. hehe


14 thoughts on “Dindin Stands 34 inches

  1. raya

    i love how pedias can be so creative in making their clinics child friendly nowadays.. back in our days, their clinics are the scariest rooms of all! hahaha! nice outfit, Dindin! and she did not cry? Good girl! I think she now understands why she needs those shots. πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining us again this week, sis!

  2. Vhen

    wow, she doesn’t look ok on the last photo but at least she’s not afraid with the shot. my daughter cried hysterically just last time when she had her flu vaccine.

    nice outfit,cute:)

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  3. The Pepperrific Life

    I wish I had a HS teacher like yours hehe… Cute outfit on Dindin.

  4. Willa @ PixelMinded

    Kamukha sya talaga ng daddy nya. πŸ™‚

    Visiting back from my White Wednesday entry. Thanks!

  5. January

    she’s getting taller everyday..:)

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  6. Schooling Mum

    She is a cutie! How old is she, sis? Looking so healthy and growing well! πŸ™‚

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    Thanks and see yah!

  7. Lainy

    Oh! That’s lovely! I thought it was her own room. It’s the doc’s clinic pala. That’s very colorful. Very creative of the doc to keep children coming back. And yeah, the wall is neatly white painted.

    My own WHITE is now up too.

    Hope to see yah!

  8. edsie

    Cute nman!! And andami nyang toys!! Weee!!!
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