Dindin Splashing in the Water

Dindin Splashing in the Water

We bought this big inflatable pool when Dindin was just a few weeks old. We wanted a big pool that can contain Papa and Mama and Dindin, and maybe another younger child. hehe This big pool is at my parents’ house because I wanted Dindin to have something to look forward to when we go to Lola’s house. The first two times she enjoyed it. This was her second time and she enjoyed splashing in the water. We are looking forward to another swimming time with her in our pool. hihihi

Dindin is 9 months and 1 week in this video. 😀

Here’s a photo of Dindin. Look at her lips. They are pouting pretty much like those of the rubber duckies floating around her. lol By the way, if you notice the wooden sofa behind her, that is because we inflated the pool indoors, as we don’t want the pool’s bottom side to be abraded by the rough cement floor outside. lol

dindin in pool

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