Dindin Sings Happy Birthday and Other Songs

Dindin Sings Happy Birthday and Other Songs

Yesterday, we attended the birthday party of Dindin’s friend Xanti. She kept hearing the Happy Birthday song over and over again being played. And also, her Papa tried to teach her. And tonight, she just climbed up the chair and started singing. We gave her the echo mic and she enjoyed hearing her voice. She continued singing until we called her aunt and her grandpa (Angkong) who is celebrating his 70th birthday in three days. At least, if Dindin refuses to sing at the party, she has already dedicated a birthday song in advance. haha

Because she enjoyed singing, she continued to sing other songs that she already knew like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, “Christmas Tree” from hi5, and the Wonderpets theme song.

5 thoughts on “Dindin Sings Happy Birthday and Other Songs

  1. lebotz

    hahaha mas ga enjoy ko sa gagitara.. sagad2x.. pde ka pa tutor sa iya.. :p hehehe

  2. pepay

    yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy! mu man na cheer ko for badin… good job little girl 😀 sing for tita pepay when i see you ha… hihi..

  3. Dennis

    Leb, mga lain2 gid ya bala comment mo ya mo. 😀 daw ka halata na kaayo haw? ang sa background ya imo gaka notice…. consult bi sa psychiatrist ano tawag sina nga disorder…. bsi delikado na mag progress….hehehe

  4. philip

    hahahaha…one cute little kid of your manang ang manong…. i knew it she sings…:D practice more dindin…:D

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