Dindin Says…

Dindin Says…

Dindin has a pink stuffed dog given to her last Christmas by her aunt and we called it “Poochie.”

Today, Papa Dennis thought it was nice to put the red clown nose on Poochie and Dindin liked the idea as well. She would take it off and put it on again.

Dindin says: “Mama, let Poochie wear this.”

Indeed, her sentences are getting complicated.

Tonight, while playing and reading with aunt, Dindin says: “Can you count the bunnies?”

hehe It is awesome listening to hear say these sentences. It is like talking to a mini adult who still sometimes throws tantrums. haha

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  1. May

    Haha, Dindin is a cutee!! Added you to my blogroll Boots, so I can blog hop more often. 🙂

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