Dindin Says…

Dindin Says…

Dindin often says something would not repeat it. Take for example her conversation with our saleslady.

Dindin wanted to go upstairs on her own so Lola Josie closed the main door leading to the stairs. She tried to open it but couldn’t. So she told Lola Edith, “The door is closed.”

When Edith replied, “Yes baby the door is closed.” Dindin said, “Find something to open the door.”

That was the first time Dindin said that and when Edith asked her to repeat what she said, she didn’t. But Edith almost swears that Dindin’s words were very clear.

This morning, Dindin just watched a couple of episodes of Your Baby Can Read. I asked her, “More video?”

She replied, “Nuff na… (Enough already).” I asked again one more time to check if I heard right, she said again “Enough na. Bye Baby. Time to go. Play outside.” She usually refers to the series Your Baby Can Read as “Baby.” hehehe

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