Dindin Plays Fitness Instructor to Koko

Dindin Plays Fitness Instructor to Koko

Dindin's aunts

Dindin's aunts -- Achim Mia, 3chim Debby, and Koko Gigi

Before our cousin’s wedding, my sister-in-law and I thought of going on a diet to prepare for the event. We also exercised some days. We did not really expect to lose weight just like that but at least, we would not be all too bloated on the big day.

But around three weeks into the preparation, we could not follow through our diet and exercise regimen. Dindin on the other hand started decreasing her milk and food intake and increased her physical activity. It seems that she was also trying to be fit for the wedding. Not that she needed it, she just wanted to.

When the big day was coming near, Dindin was amid all the frenzy of make up trials and gown fittings. When her aunt whom she calls Koko Gigi fit her bridesmaid gown, she went into our room and showed herself to Dindin. The little girl just looked at her Koko up and down and went back to watching her video without saying a word. Her Koko called out to her and asked her again, “Is Koko pretty?” Dindin looked at her again and did not say anything. It was as if she had nothing nice to say so she would rather just keep quiet.

The other night, Koko Gigi was given prints of her solo pictures during the wedding. She was really lovely. Dindin looked at the photos and when asked, “Is Koko pretty?” She said, “Yeah.” Then she laid the photos on the bed, went down, and said, “Koko, let’s exercise.” Waaaa She might be thinking, “Koko is pretty but needs to lose weight.”

And last night, Koko Gigi, Dindin and I flew paper airplanes. She was ecstatic. Whenever her airplane landed, she would jump up and down and squeal with delight. Then she would go down the bed, pick up her paper plane, and go back up the bed. She did this many times that I got tired just looking at her. After this, she invited her Koko to jump rope. As you will see in the video clip below, Dindin and Koko held the cord on either end and jumped. That is already jumping rope for Dindin. After a while, Dindin let out a loud, “Whew!” and then said, “again!” They jumped for some time again and Dindin said, “Koko is tired. Let’s do it…one more time!” in a commanding voice. Nyahahaha

Actually, in her book of Bible stories, there is an artist’s rendition there of Daniel in the lions’ den. There is a really big lion there whom Dindin calls, “Koko Lion.” But there is a small lion cub there and she calls it, “A-ma (grandma) Lion.” She must really think that her A-ma looks very small compared to Koko!

Dindin is really bent on making Koko lose weight. hahaha I wonder when she will target Mama next? hehehe

7 thoughts on “Dindin Plays Fitness Instructor to Koko

  1. Pepay

    Hahaha… Nang may career na si dindin at her age… Haha..ka funny cya..hay..lingaw ko..hehe…

  2. admin Post author

    heheh she just loves getting fit. can you hear the conversation? i can’t turn on the volume e coz she;s already asleep hehe

  3. Margaret Lo

    Correction, hambal ni din2 “tired si Koko” hahaha… Ka kaladlawan gid ah 😀

  4. pepay

    gin watch ko liwat ang video.. haha… tawa gid ko ya… one more time… ka very strict na instructor.. haha…

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