Dindin on the Treadmill

Dindin on the Treadmill

Dindin has gained weight last month. She gained around 700 grams in a month’s time. We are so happy because at least now, our pediatrician would no longer nag us on getting Dindin a chest X-Ray and to give her another round of Heraclene.

But anyway, I believe that Dindin has also noticed that she has gained weight. I have noticed her trying to control her food intake but instead increased her milk intake. However, what she does not know is that her milk has Cerelac, which is really calorrific. Hence, the weight gain. hehe

One time, after a heavy lunch of lomi, vegetables, and rice, she asked me, “Mama, down me na.” So okay, I put her on the floor from her high chair and I proceeded to eat. I did not know where she went. After a while I glanced sideways and saw her head bobbing up and down but her body was hidden by the sofa. I checked on what she was doing and she was actually on the treadmill, doing some exercise routines. She was sweating profusely but seems to be enjoying the physical activity.

That night, after dinner, she went on the treadmill again and this is the video that I took (yeah, I again forgot to take a video that lunchtime). She did arm circles, push up, and jog in place. She has other exercise routines but I was not able to capture them on video.

So now, with this proof, I hope our pediatrician would no longer wonder why Dindin is not gaining a lot of weight. hehe

To keep fit, Dindin exercises and maintains her calorie intake for the day. Te, how’s that? Wish Mama could do that, too. 😀 Below, look at Dindin working hard to stay in shape. No, I don’t train her to exercise. Why would I do that to my toddler? haha It is inherent in her to burn extra calories. That’s why her muscles are firm and she is strong. Wow, will Mama do that, too? So, don’t you all go looking at me as if I were the role model. lol I can only wish that I can be like Dindin in terms of being figure conscious. lol I am just thankful, at least she will not have weight problems like Mama because her training is since birth (yup! she had been pretty active since she was still a baby).

By the way, in these photos, Dindin just had her hepatitis A vaccine. hehe
dindin workout

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