Dindin Learns to Use the Sippy Cup

Dindin Learns to Use the Sippy Cup

As you may know, Dindin has already turned 6 months old last September 11.

When September came, she can already sit down from crawling position without support. Yesterday, while sitting down, she can already support and balance herself. Today, we tried to give her water using the sippy cup and she loved it! Her pediatrician recommended starting to give her water on the 6th month. Now, she won’t part with her sippy cup during meal time and her water intake has increased because of the sippy cup.

When I taught her to use the sippy cup, her Lola was watching us. I showed Dindin how to use it. I told her to hold the cup’s handle with both hands on either side and then bring the spout to her mouth. Nanay thinks I am being incredulous, instructing a 6-month-old baby like that. But Dindin got the cup from me, held it as instructed and happily drank from her sippy cup. Her Lola was soooooo impressed! lol She must have done it to impress Lola. haha

She is already a funny little darling. Last night, her Lola could not stand her moving and tumbling and crawling around that at one point, her Lola said, “Time Out.” Dindin would stop moving until her Lola would tell her “Go.” It was her new trick.

Today, she didn’t want her Koko Gigi to go to work. She would hold Koko’s hand and make complaining sounds. When I let her Koko carry her, she was ok until she was returned to me, then she snubbed her Koko.

She is only 6 months old! She already eats rice porridge, red rice, Cerelac, sayote, potatoes, carrots, avocado, and now squash.

These are the more recent ones. Will update you on more things to come. 😀

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