Dindin has LBM?

Dindin has LBM?

We changed Dindin’s nappies 8 times yesterday. And today, it has only been a couple of hours and I have changed her 3x already. I am about to call the Lab and ask the requirements or specifications for an infant’s stool exam, but then my mother in law asked about the symptoms. She said there is nothing to worry about, as sometimes this can happen to the baby. She said we should worry already if the baby is fussing because of colicky pain or if the stool is watery and or colored green or black. Since Dindin’s poo is yellow, like mashed squash, there is no need to worry.

I really hope so. There is nothing really new with her diet except that I have added more fiber as she had been constipated. But should this be the result?

Aside from the consumption of diapers, I had spent most of my time washing her.

Anyway, here is the description of her poop.

Very bright yellow

Soft, like mashed squash, but not watery

Smells rancid (but I am not sure if it is acidic because her derriere does not appear red. But as a precautionary measure I put Calmoseptine ointment after every wash).

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    hi mommy! daw ok naman sya. after the third poop sang aga, sang hapon naman. timing lang galing na nag change kami diaper kay basa na, tapos nag poo hehe. but i think she is better now. thanks! i will add your blogs sa blogroll ko a

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