Dindin Can Recognize Letters

Dindin Can Recognize Letters

Dindin will be 15 months old on Friday. Can she really read letters?

Last month, while we were reading a book, I kept telling her “flower.” She said, “e”. I said “flower”, she would say “e.” This argument kept on until she finally pointed to the number “8.” So okay. Fine. She was referring to the Number 8 while I kept insisting on what I was reading.

About 2 weeks ago, we were watching her Signing Time video together. When it got to signing letters I started practicing, signing and saying the letters out loud. She looked at me, signed “A” and said “A.” Whaaaat? I was really surprised. Does she really know how to do it? So I asked her what the sign for “B” is and she signed it for me. Really? Then she left me watching and wondering. She no longer watched the video as if she already knew them. I asked her but she ignored me.

Today when she woke up, out of the blue, Dennis and I started signing letters. I signed “A” and she said “A.” Then so on until E. Then O and R. So far, she can already say the letters A, B, C, D, E, O, and R intelligibly. When we sign them, she says them out loud. I have yet to try the other letters though and I have yet to try pointing out the letters on the chart to see if she can recognize them in printed form.

She also has an Animal Alphabet chart that her Lola bought for her when she was younger. This is pasted on our bathroom door. Ever since this was bought, we would recite or sing the alphabet for her while mentioning the animals. We do not really do this everyday, but when we do, Dindin is all attentive. Lately, when her Papa would say, “A for ________”, she would sign alligator. “B for __________?” She would sign butterfly. “C for __________?”, she would sign cat. And so on and so forth. When it gets to “T for __________?” Dindin would say “Turtle” because she can already say it intelligibly. She can memorize her animal alphabets?

Up to this point, we cannot really measure what she already knows. They only come out at opportune times. She also signs and say things that we cannot understand. So far, she already has many words and can communicate what she wants. She is also trying to talk to us in paragraphs, but of course, we are still yet to understand the meaning.

Her signing is also intentional. Like this morning, I noticed she was “pooping” in her diaper while having breakfast. I asked her, “UU ka?” She signed “All done” and then she shivered because she peed, signifying the end of her potty session. So she indeed understands the applications of her signs. She has not just memorized them.

By the way, she is fascinated with cellphones, remote controls, laptops, and cars. dindin celphone

Will keep you all posted.

4 thoughts on “Dindin Can Recognize Letters

  1. karla

    ahay, ka sadya na gid kay badin ng..hehehe..big girl na gid sya.. ๐Ÿ˜€ kag ka dasig lng sang panahon…heheh..

  2. Maricar

    go girl!

    sign sign ta din kay memorize man na ni dichim… favorite tool ko gid na to communicate with friends sa iban nga section sang high ko! ๐Ÿ˜€

    may you grow smart, but not too smart for her age… and intellectually as well as emotionally, socially and spiritually my dear… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. apraille pama

    whew! amazing si din2x nang!

    but I am remined that both of you ni ahia super intelligent teh din man na abi masunod noh? mas nag double na gd ang kaalam nya…it’s good that she learns fast at the same time she is enjoying gd…

    grabeh! heheh! love her…

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