Dindin Can Read!

Dindin Can Read!

As early as 4 months, we exposed Dindin to reading books. She would sit between my legs and together we would browse through the pages. Sometimes, she would flip the pages herself.

Eventually, reading became part of our nighttime routine, though we also read books during the day at times. She is also constantly exposed to words through her videos because sometimes words are flashed there and then the host would say the word out loud.

But when I would teach her to read her flash cards, it would seem that she is not listening. So I would stop and do it again another time. But she refused.

Today, however, when I asked her if she could read the words in the flashcards, she did! Here are some of the words she said:

1. baby

2. hi

3. arms up

4. arms down

5. mouth

6. giraffe

7. tiger

8. nose

9. mouth

10. zip

11. clap

12. kick

13. ball

14. colors (the word “colors”)

15. eyes

16. yes

But these are not altogether, because she would run again and do her thing. She doesn’t seem to be listening pertaining to reading that is why we have never really drilled her into reading words.

Whenever we would take out the flash cards, she would do something else or change the subject. So we just let her be. Until today, she read the words clearly.

I am soooo happy. I hope that after this, I can get her to use her potty. lol

5 thoughts on “Dindin Can Read!

  1. shydub

    Wow congrats and good job mommy. How old ba si Dindin?
    Btw, visiting here from pinay mommy group. my first time here actually

  2. Kat

    I’m so excited for you. I think I know what you’re using for Dindin. I used it too and I swear by it. Be prepared Mommy, sobrang masu-surprise ka. We were and lalo na yung ibang tao. I’m so happy I discovered it.

    Thanks too for dropping by my blog. I think I fixed the comments section but I appreciate you letting me know kaagad. See you on FB ulit.. haha

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