Dindin and Gianna

Dindin and Gianna

I have a good friend in Daphne. Met her in church several years back when we were still single. And now that we are married, our babies were born around 6 weeks apart. And the two of them are good friends. They are like BFF now. Oh yeah, they also have their “misunderstandings” but when they see each other, they would call out each other’s names like they really missed each other. Here is their most recent pic taken last Sunday.
When Gianna would arrive in church with her parents, Dindin would shout, “Gianna!” She also knows that Gianna is also known as Buday. But when they were younger, Dindin gave a pet name to Gianna. She would call her “Gian-Gian: (jan-jan). I dunno, she must like repetitive names like hers. haha

Sometimes, the two of them will be separated during the church service they will bottle feed. When one finishes ahead of the other, one would call out the other’s name and the other baby would also call back. hahaha They are sooo cute! The church is their playground.

On the other hand, we were told by Gianna’s grandfather that sometimes Gianna would dial the phone and pretend that she would be talking to somebody. She would say, “Hello, Dindin?” And the grampa wondered who Dindin was until he met our little one. hhahaha

Ahhhh Kids…

By the way, I have a refurbished laptop here. I dunno how much refurbished laptops, so I am wondering if I can still sell it or something even to just friends or those who are just learning to use the computer. Or if not, then I guess I will have to bequeath it to Dindin. hahaha

2 thoughts on “Dindin and Gianna

  1. Daphne

    ka-cute sg pic nila boots! thanks for this 🙂

    i’m blessed to have you for a friend gd, i’m learning a lot from you,, thanks for entertaining my parenting questions even in the middle of the night hehe,,, i’m glad gianna and dindin are getting along very well,, i’m assured gianna would have GI (good influence ba hehe) friends when she gets older,,, let’s plan our second babies para dungan man sila gyapon dagko hehe,,, thanks boots, you’re such a blessing! 😉

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