Decorative Sandwich Making is a Fun and Affordable Birthday Party Idea for Kids

World Bread Day 2016 in Bacolod City
Decorative Sandwich Making Activity

World Bread Day 2016
Celebrating World Bread Day 2016 in Bacolod City with a Decorative Sandwich Making Activity sponsored by BACNOBA and Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation.

World Bread Day is October 16 and here in Bacolod City we had a belated celebration held today, October 23, 2016 at The District North Point where the Bacolod-Negros Occidental Bakers’ Association (BACNOBA) held a Kids’ Decorative Sandwich Making Activity. This was sponsored by the Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation.

World Bread Day 2016, BACNOBA
BACNOBA President Arvin Chua of Foodman welcomed the participants.
sandwich making activity, easy party ideas for kids
Each participant was provided with aprons and chef’s hat fashioned out of flour sacks.

About 40 kids joined in the activity. They were provided with aprons and chef’s hats plus plastic gloves that they can use while preparing their sandwiches. Each child was provided with a started kit and a printout of the sandwich designs that they are going to do. I assisted my little one Shane while our yaya assisted Dindin. Papa was our photographer.

There were three sandwiches to make — Monster Burger, Go Kart Sandwich, and the Snail sandwich.

sandwich making activity, easy party ideas for kids
The starter kit for the sandwich making activity–breads and designs.
sandwich making activity, easy birthday party ideas for kids
Dindin works on her monster sandwich.

The starter kit was a plastic box with three kinds of bread–a burger bun, a hotdog bun, and two rolled pieces of sliced bread spread with mayonnaise. The ingredients for the sandwiches were provided as we went along with the sandwich making. Chef Jade Deanon of Philippine Foremost explained how each sandwich was done and we just followed her. The younger kids need to be assisted because someone needs to hold some of the things in place or they might need some extra force when pressing and pushing stuff into the bread. Other than that, I let Shane do the rest, like opening her bread, positioning her fillings, and skewering where needed.

World Bread Day, easy party ideas for kids
Our finished sandwich kit embellished with nachos. Not everyone had nachos left because the kids ate them before we could finish. haha
World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
Din’s finished work and she was quite pleased. Caught on cam: Look at what Shane is doing beside Dindin–munching on a hotdog.

While my eldest was so serious with making her sandwiches perfect, Shane was bent on eating as much as she can of the ingredients.

Because of this activity, I was inspired to do this for the next party of my kids or even just our next play date. Or we can also do this for our Bacolod Homeschoolers Network monthly activity. After all, it’s a home economics project.  And you might want to do it, too. Here are just some tips that I have gathered during the activity.

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World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
I assisted Shane in making her sandwich. But I let her work on whatever she can so that she will have the satisfaction of finishing a project.
World Bread Day, easy party ideas for kids
Shane finally finished making all three sandwiches. Check her mouth. :p

Tips for a Sandwich Making Birthday Party

1. Set a goal for each child, such as a printout of the designs that you would like to see them achieve.
2. Slice the breads already before serving them to the kids so that you will not have to provide them with bread knives on the table. Not only will you need a lot of knives, it will also be dangerous especially if you have young children as guests.
3. Serve the ingredients only for a particular sandwich, not altogether (if you want the kids to do the activity as planned and come up with the design that you have prepared), so that they won’t mix everything up.
4. Another optionis lot let them exercise their creativity in preparing their own sandwiches. You can just give them guides on what to do and let them come up with their most unique creations. You may also give a prize to the most unique or most creative sandwich designs.
5. Reserve extra ingredients, especially marshmallows, hotdogs, and cheese because the kids tend to eat the ingredients and there wouldn’t be anything left if you prepare the exact number of ingredients.
World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
It took awhile for us to finish because Shane kept eating the ingredients.
6. You can already serve these as their snacks. Or you may want to add birthday spaghetti. Then you can just share the birthday cake after for dessert. Make sure there is plenty of refreshments to drink. Add in a piñata and/or pabitin and you already have a fun and learning party where you wouldn’t need a host or an entertainer. You wouldn’t need to spend much, too.
7. You may opt to have custom aprons and chef’s hats done and that can already be your giveaways.
World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
Monster Burger only needed burger buns, patty, marshmallows, raisins, and cucumber slices.
World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
The Gokart Hotdog Sandwich. You can use luncheon meat or hotdog for the filling.
World Bread Day 2016, easy party ideas for kids
Our snail sandwiches didn’t want to stand straight.
World Bread Day 2016
BACNOBA officers led by Mr. Arvin Chua of Foodman (far right) with representatives of Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation during the World Bread Day 2016 celebration in Bacolod City.

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