Decorating Dindin’s Room

Decorating Dindin’s Room

Actually, it is not Dindin’s room alone but our bedroom that we transformed into a nursery. Well, I did not really ask my husband if I could do it, because firstly, I forgot and I sort of thought that he would like it anyway. hehe

Anyway, I did the decorating starting when I was four months pregnant. I figured, it is better to be early, after all, the decors are not perishable. Since I would be doing the designing, cutting, and installation, I figured it was best to do it while I am not in my full pregnant glory.

So I got some rubber slice from the upholstery shop (they call it rubber slice but I really think it is splice, oh well). Here is the final design that I installed on one wall of our bedroom. It may look simple, but the work that got into it was really quite tedious.

And here is her cabinet.

I really enjoyed doing all these because I like crafts. This was a stress relief. And our room looked really alive and welcoming for the coming of a baby! 😀

But this does not mean that our room is now baby friendly or baby safe. There are still so many things that need to be kept, stored, or just put in higher places. And there are also corners that need protection!

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