Dealing with the Summer Heat and Winners of Sweat Towels Giveaway

Dealing with the Summer Heat and Winners of Sweat Towels Giveaway

Last February, we were still experiencing cool, blanket-worthy nights and cool breezes during the day. Now, we have glare, headaches, rising tempers, and so much sweat! That only means one thing–SUMMER IS HERE!

While that sounds fun with all the planned getaways on hand, let’s face it the temperature in the 30s can bring out so much sweat, especially in kids. And us mommies are always on the lookout if our kids are “pinapawisan”. We deal with it on so many levels, like applying baby powder on their backs and chest to keep them fresh, putting a sweat towel on their backs under the shirts to keep the wetness at bay, treating them to ice candies or ice cream as refreshments, and giving them liquids to rehydrate.

Whatever we do, just remember to give them water to drink  many times throughout the day. It is the best way to keep them from getting heat stroke and to hydrate them to keep them healthy. It doesn’t have calories and it is almost free. And if the sun is already high in the sky, it is better to stay indoors.

And speaking of sweat towels, I owe you the results of blog contest. hihi I have to apologize that this Mama had been soooooo busy. And saying sooooo busy still feels like an understatement. That is why I was not able to do the raffle. Anyway, without much ado, here are the three winners of our sweat towels. Please PM me your mailing addresses on the FB page so that I can send your winnings. Thank you! 😀

Winners of the Sweat Towel Giveaway

1 – JM Imperial
2 – Aegeane Colmenar Brioso
3 – Niña Llagono

So thank you all for joining and your continued support of Lovingly Mama and our giveaways. Congratulations to the winners. And to those who did not win, another one is coming up. 😀 So stay tuned.

Happy Summer Everyone! 😀

Here are the three sets of prizes. Special thanks to our sponsor Glenda Gonzales of Jazzshoppe for our cute sweat towels. 😀

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