Dealing with the Santa Claus Issue

Dealing with the Santa Claus Issue

Christmas presents

Christmas presents under our trees that Dindin helped me wrapped. Some of them are hers but she knows that we have to wait until Christmas to open them.

This month, I have been reading on anecdotal articles about Santa Claus and well, I can only shake my head. Like in a public school in New York, parents saw red when a Grade two teacher taught her geography class that Santa Claus does not live in the North Pole because actually, he is not real. In the UK, a 13-year-old girl vowed to kill Santa and cook reindeer meat if she doesn’t get what she wants. Tsk tsk…Sad.

No offense to those who would like to keep the Santa tradition in their homes, but in our family, it is a matter of choice. We do not want Santa to steal the limelight from Jesus–the real star of Christmas–so we opted to downplay him. But, of course, since the image of a jolly fat man in a red suit may seen everywhere, Dindin is also aware of Santa. But for her, Santa Claus is no more real than Tinkerbell, Barbie or Elmo.

For Dindin, gifts are given to her by family, friends, and her ninongs, and ninangs. In the same way, she also has the capacity to give gifts to others. She has helped me pick out some of our gifts and has also lent a hand while I wrapped them. She knows that most of the gifts under the tree will be given away but some of them are hers. Well, I think it can’t get more real than that.

At least, when Dindin is older I would not have to explain to her that Santa is not real and there is no disappointment.

But don’t worry, we didn’t expressly tell her that Santa isn’t real, so that she will not get into an argument with other kids. hehe

2 thoughts on “Dealing with the Santa Claus Issue

  1. Kris Edison

    My in-laws started to tell my daughter about Santa. Honestly, i don’t want my daughter to believe in that kind of fantasy the way i believed before because it’s disappointing for a child. 🙂

    1. mama Post author

      aw….that’s sad…then you will have to think of a creative way to explain it later. hehe

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